Kevin Janis Appointed Business Development Manager

Reliant Aluminum Products is pleased to welcome Kevin Janis, formerly of Atlas Anodizing Products, LLC, to our staff as Business Development Manager. Kevin has many years of working with Reliant in an agency arrangement and will bring his expertise and knowledge to Reliant’s national sales efforts and to his existing customers.

His responsibilities, along with his continuing to service his existing customer base, will be to develop and implement strategic business plans to grow Reliant’s anodizing chemistry distribution business. Kevin will work closely with Reliant’s national technical and sales staff to ensure that the requirements of Reliant’s customers are met through new products and services.

Please welcome Kevin to Reliant’s industry-leading team.

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Laura Moore Appointed New Technical Sales Rep

Reliant Aluminum Products has announced the appointment of Laura Moore as Technical Sales Representative offering personalized support to anodizers throughout the Southeast.

Laura has more than 18 years experience in the metal finishing industry serving in a variety of project management positions including Vice President of Operations. She has personally supervised anodizing and plating departments and worked directly with customers to analyze production issues and recommend process improvements.

Her hands-on management background, technical expertise and close working relationships with anodizers will make Laura a valued addition to the company.

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Jacqueline Cook Appointed As New Lab Technician

Reliant is pleased to announce the appointment of Jacqueline Cook as our newest Laboratory Technician.

Jacqueline majored in environmental engineering at North Carolina State University and will be based at our headquarters in High Point, N.C. Her duties will include chemical analysis, quality assurance, product sampling and other customer support activities.

We welcome Jacqueline to Reliant and are confident that her contributions will significantly improve our response time for technical services.

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Introducing Anodizing Chemistry in Small Packages

New Option Supplements Small Containers for Aluminum Dyes

  • Tailored for Small-Scale Anodizing.
  • Cuts Waste and Saves Money.
  • Provides Safe and Easy Handling.

Reliant is introducing small packaging sizes for its Anodal® finishing additives from Clariant. This anodizing chemistry is now available in handy five-gallon plastic buckets weighing as little as 33 pounds. The smaller containers offer safe and easy handling of both powders and liquids.

Reliant has successfully offered this option for aluminum dyes and these small packages can be a big benefit for small-scale shops that don’t require a traditional 55-gallon drum. They provide an economical solution for anodizers who have limited production runs or conduct product evaluations. Companies can cut waste and save money by purchasing just the right amount for their needs.

For more information, please contact your Reliant technical sales agent or E-mail Sales & Marketing.

 Click any document icon to download a Technical Data Sheet.

 CleanersProduct CodeContainer Size (Lbs)
Anodal Cleaner BMC New liq 
Anodal Cleaner NFB Powder 
Anodal Cleaner NoP Liquid
Full Blended Etch Product CodeContainer Size (lbs)
 Anodal Etch LG Powder 15385250
Deoxidizers Product CodeContainer Size (lbs)
Anodal Deox CR#1 
Anodal Deox LFN Liquid 
Anodal Deox CDO Powder
Anodizing Additive Product CodeContainer Size (lbs)
Anodal EE Liquid 10199544
Dye Buffers Product CodeContainer Size (lbs)
Anodal Ammonium Acetate Liquid 
Anodal Dye Buffer Liquid
Seal Chemistry Product CodeContainer Size (lbs)
Anodal AS Powder
Anodal ASL Powder
Anodal CS-2N Powder
Anodal CS-3 Powder
Anodal MS-1 New liq
Anodal MTS Plus Liquid
Anodal SH1 Liquid

VISA and MasterCard accepted

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Reliant Hosts Anodizing School in Texas

Reliant attracted more than 125 industry professionals to its anodizing school in Mesquite, Texas. The class encompassed the basics of architectural anodizing and troubleshooting techniques.

The school was originally requested by customers in Texas, but was attended by several others from nearby states. To accomodate Spanish-speaking attendees, the material was simultaneously presented in Spanish and English.

The event was hosted by Mark Jozefowicz (VP of Technical Services), Chris Parker (VP of Sales) and Technical Sales Representatives Jeremy Hammond and Rob Pawson.

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New Mid-Temp Seal Cuts Energy Consumption

Anodal MTS Plus is a new NPE-free nickel acetate medium-temperature seal product. Compared with conventional high-temperature sealing methods, Anodal MTS Plus can provide substantial savings, not only in energy consumption, but also in heating and exhaust equipment requirements.

Seal baths containing Anodal MTS Plus can be readily clarified by filtration. This product is compatible with Anodal MS-1A liquid, a surfactant package that can be added in small amounts
as the bath ages to avoid seal smut formation.

For more information, please contact your Reliant technical sales agent or E-mail Sales & Marketing.

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PF Magazine Talks with our President

Tim Pennington, Editor of Products Finishing magazine, has a candid conversation with Jack Humble.

If ever a man fit his name, it would be Jack Humble. The president of Reliant Aluminum Products since 2008, he is a quiet, respectful Southern gentleman who plays in several bands. Humble’s High Point, North Carolina company is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Clariant products for aluminum finishing.

PF: Reliant continually introduces new products and innovative process improvements. As president, what is the secret to driving new innovation in your company?

JH: In conjunction with Clariant, we’re constantly looking for new ideas to enhance the market appeal of anodized aluminum. We are very fortunate to have highly talented and experienced technical and sales staffs who share a common-sense approach to addressing the needs of anodizers. We also realize the importance of active involvement in trade organizations to stay abreast of the latest developments affecting the science and business of anodized aluminum.

PF: You’ve mentioned that the future possibilities of new finishes for the construction industry may include anti-soiling technology to help purify the air, as well as resistance to acids, alkalis and oxidative environments. How close is the industry to this technology?

JH: Alcoa Architectural Products is currently developing “green” products that could break down pollutants like smog and convert them to simple compounds that wash away in the rain. We’re closely monitoring this technology to align our product selection with these new processes. While not primarily for the construction industry, there are new technologies that are designed to increase resistance to acids, alkalis, and oxidation. We’ve identified a selection of dyes that can withstand fading and discoloration from the new Sterrad system which uses hydrogen peroxide gas plasma technology to sterilize medical devices. Most recently, we’ve introduced an entirely new line of Clariant metal-free dyes that are NSF certified for food-zone applications.

PF: Reliant has a program to educate OEMs about the advantages of anodized aluminum compared with other coating applications. What feedback do you get from those OEMs?

JH: We’ve been well received by manufacturers. They understand that using anodized aluminum in their products lends an upscale appearance compared to plastics and other lightweight materials. For green manufacturers, anodized aluminum is especially appealing because its life cycle is relatively benign to the environment, and it’s much easier to recycle compared to other metal finishing processes.

Read the entire article…

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VP Technical Services Featured in PF Magazine

Mark Jozefowicz has authored a technical paper focusing on anodized finishes for medical tools that can withstand repeated exposure to hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization. Mark’s testing has proven that certain colorants combined with the proper sealing technologies can undergo more than 100 procedures without fading. The paper is important for anodizers hoping to enter the growing market for medical devices.

Mark originally presented his findings in October 2013 at the Annual Anodizing Conference & Exposition hosted by the Aluminum Anodizers Council. The editors of Products Finishing magazine have published Mark’s work in the December 2013 issue.

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