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Tips for Liquid Shipments

Winter is here again bringing those freezing temperatures that sometimes cause problems for liquid shipments. Our carriers have assured us there are usually no problems if:

The bill of Lading is clearly labeled “PROTECT FROM FREEZING“, the shipment doesn’t remain in an unheated terminal over the weekend. When ordering liquid products, consider the forecasted weather and transit time to avoid shipping over the weekend. If you’re unsure of your transit time, please call us toll-free at 866-574-0790 to discuss available options with one of our customer service representatives.

For example, if your transit time is two days and cold temperatures are the only concern, please try to place your order no later than Wednesday.

If snow and ice are forecast, allow extra time in case poor road conditions cause delays, and try to place your order no later than Tuesday.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this winter season.

PLEASE NOTE: Carriers will not pick up freezable liquids whenever temperatures are lower than 18° F at the origin, destination, or any point during transit.

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