AAC and Reliant at World Congress in Italy

The anodizing industry and AAC were well represented earlier this month in Italy at the Aluminium Two Thousand 8th World Congress. The Council conducted the Anodizing Essentials Workshop in conjunction with the Congress in Milan, Italy. The Workshop was a great success with 21 registrants attending the Level 1 course in AAC’s School for Anodizers.

There was so much interest in the topics and the program was so popular that the session lasted well past the scheduled end time. “We were supposed to end at 5:00 p.m. but registrants stayed until 6:45 p.m. talking with the instructors during the Q&A session,” said Suzanne Spohr who traveled to the conference to offer support to the volunteer speakers.

The Council wishes to thank the AAC members who volunteered their time and expertise to help support the Council’s educational program. Speakers included Jude Runge, CompCote International, Inc.; Frank Munk, Munk GmbH; Mary Oakley, Potash Corp.; and Reliant’s Vice President – Technical Services Mark Jozefowicz.

Thanks also to additional speakers, including Dr. Arthur Brace; Enzo Dell’Orto, Officine Meccaniche San Georgio SpA; and Federico Vincenzi, Italtecno.

In addition, two AAC members received awards at the 8th World Congress. Jude Runge won First Place for Best Paper and Mary Oakley received Second Place Best Paper. Congratulations! The Aluminum Anodizers Council and the anodizing industry were well represented at Aluminium 2000.

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