Troubleshooting Guide

The root cause of most process-related failures in an anodize line are easy to identify and remedies are usually straightforward. For example: if the seal quality fails dye spot stain, check the seal parameters; if the coating is too thin, check the anodize parameters. This discussion focuses on the more challenging yet fairly common defects and time tested trouble shooting strategies used by today’s competent anodizer.

Troubleshooting Strategies

  • Someone must take on the responsibility to solve the problem – take charge!
  • Learn what you can: coating thickness, seal quality, defect frequency, appearance, type, shape, in/on/under the coating, location on part, on rack, alloy type and source.
  • Spend time on the line and discuss the problem with the operators. Critically assess their opinions and their performance. Take measurements of important process parameters.
  • Call the experts and present all the information. Critically assess their opinions.
  • Isolate the process step and the process parameter. Try to make one change at a time.

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