Company News Produce Pewter Shades with New Indoor Liquid Dye

Reliant Aluminum Products has added a new product to its line of Sanodure® fade-resistant indoor colors for aluminum.

Sanodure Grey R Liquid is a concentrated Azo dye that produces pewter shades that do not flare under incandescent light. The dye possesses good light fastness and is stable to color shifting over time. Its slow strike rate, even at higher concentrations, facilitates uniform coloring of the load.

Recommended application temperatures for Sanodure Grey R Liquid are 120-160° F. Preferred sealing methods include using Anodal® ASL or Anodal AS (hot nickel acetate sealants), Anodal MS-1 New or Anodal Mid-Temp (mid-temperature nickel acetate sealants) and Anodal CS-2N or Anodal CS-2 (room temperature nickel fluoride sealants).

Sanodure Grey R Liquid can be applied within a pH range of 5.0-6.0 and requires the addition of a sodium acetate based stabilizer such as Anodal Dye Buffer Liquid.

For more information, please contact your Reliant technical sales agent or E-mail Sales & Marketing.

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