Company News New Iron-Free Deoxidizer Expands Additives Line

Reliant Aluminum Products has added a new product to its line of Anodal® additives for anodizing and finishing.

Anodal Deox CR #1 is an iron-free desmut/deoxidizer suitable for use with most aluminum alloys. The product removes the natural oxide film and smut formed by alkaline etching. Anodal Deox CR #1 is a white powder available in a variety of packaging sizes to accommodate production requirements.

Anodal Deox CR #1 expands Reliant’s line of desmut/deoxidizers, including:

  • Anodal Deox LFN Liquid — Fully blended desmut/deox that is chromate free. Good for job shops.
  • Anodal Deox Additive Liquid — Add to nitric acid to provide excellent performance. Good for Brite-Dip.
  • Anodal Deox CDO Granules — Add to nitric acid to provide long life. High quality casting deoxidizer.

For more information, please contact your Reliant technical sales agent or E-mail Sales & Marketing.

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