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Reliant Aluminum Products has introduced the Anodal® Acid Etch System, a moderately acidic etch that is used for the pretreatment of anodized aluminum. The Anodal Acid Etch System can produce a high quality low gloss finish on low quality aluminum with only a fraction of the aluminum typically consumed during the etch process. A reduction of up to 80 percent caustic soda consumption, as well as production waste solids, can be expected by implementing the Anodal Acid Etch System in a conventional architectural anodizing line. The performance and economy of Anodal Acid Etch is greatly enhanced by the addition of Anodal Acid Etch Additive during bath make-up and replenishment. Mist suppression can be accomplished with the addition of a very small quantity of Ekaline F Liquid.

For more information, please contact your Reliant technical sales agent or E-mail Sales & Marketing.

Featured in Products Finishing magazine

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