Company News A Better Alternative to Nickel Sealing

The Responsible Anodizer's Choice: Tested and Proven to Work Safely and Effectively

Anodal ES-1 is Clariant's patented non-nickel seal with over 20 years of proven production. Because Anodal ES-1 contains no regulated metal and is relatively pH neutral, waste treatment is simpler, easier and cheaper compared to using a nickel-based seal.

Anodal ES-1 can be applied alone or as the final seal in a two-step sealing system.

Electrolytic and Clear Anodic Coatings
Clear and Dyed Anodic Coatings

The concentration of the Anodal ES-1 seal for job shop applications is lowered to allow a more frequent, yet economic tank replacement while providing a fresh seal solution. This is particularly helpful in bright dip shops where phosphate contamination is the usual reason for seal tank replacement. Bath life can be extended by the addition of Clariant’s Anodal MS-1A.

Anodal ES-1 meets or exceeds all these tests

  • MIL 8625F
  • AAMA 611
  • AMS 8625
  • ASTM B136
  • ASTM B117
  • ASTM B680
  • ASTM D4141-82, Procedure C

Additional Benefits

  • Excellent Bath Life
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Easily Filtered
  • Produces Smut-Free, Hydrophobic Surface


For more details, contact your Reliant Technical Sales Representative.


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